Prenatal/Postpartum Physical Therapy

NYU Langone Medical Center offers physical therapy to pregnant women and new mothers. The program is part of the Outpatient Physical Therapy Women’s Health Program at the Rusk Institute and is often covered by insurance.

Pregnancy creates a special need for exercise as women undergo many musculoskeletal, physiological, and emotional changes during and after pregnancy. These changes can occasionally lead to neck pain, low back pain, pelvic pain, joint discomfort, and incontinence. These changes can be relieved with gentle, safe manual therapy and exercises.

Prenatal exercises can enhance body awareness, flexibility, and endurance while postpartum exercises can provide comfort in helping new mothers regain their previous fitness level and decrease risk of injury while caring for their newborns. The prenatal/postpartum exercise program at Rusk Institute consists of a comprehensive and thorough evaluation followed by an individualized treatment program designed to meet the specific needs of each pregnant and new mother which may include:

  • Postural awareness focusing on safe and proper body mechanics while performing child care activities
  • Flexibility and strength training to meet the specific musculoskeletal needs of each woman
  • Treatment of orthopedic dysfunctions to alleviate pregnant or postpartum aches and pains
  • Aerobic exercise to promote overall cardiovascular health and endurance to keep up with the new demands of motherhood and to regain pre-pregnancy shape and fitness
  • Bladder management to address incontinence and pelvic floor pain and weakness

For clinical information, please contact (212) 263-5601. For registration questions please call (212) 263-6033. Pre-made referral forms can be found at