Through a Father's Eyes

We're home now. In spite of Lisa's plans to bring home all the nurses from Mother Baby with her, it's only us, Javier, and Lisa's mom, and everything is going just fine.I wanted to share pictures with you, but also one main comment.

I have only been a father for four days now, but lots of people have already asked me what does fatherhood feel like. And the truth is that, at least for me, more than about the baby or about my relationship with the baby, lots of the new feelings are about Lisa, such as witnessing Lisa turn into a mom overnight or marveling at how she takes care of our child (on four hours of daily sleep, too). Similarly, even though labor was very hard on her, she bounced back from it as soon as she heard Javier's first cry, while I remained scared and shaken for hours because I was so worried about her wellbeing.

And this is the part that is relevant to you and everyone on the 13th floor. The most important thing you did for me those days at the hospital was not how you took care of the baby (which you did wonderfully), but how you took care of her. And for that reason, you were all like angels to me. I don't remember everyone's names, but I remember Melissa, Megan, Joy, Jennifer M., Jennifer G., Louisette, Ariel, the lactation consultants, and some stellar nurses on the 8th floor, like the sweet Eileen and a young woman with curly dark hair and 29 weeks pregnant who gave Lisa the pep talk of a generation, something you'd tape and watch again.

I will never forget what they did for my wife those days, from the medical care to the mother-to-mother talks. I expected the professionalism and the technical skills, but I was surprised by the empathy, the warmth, and the human touch. If you run into them, tell them that one of their patient's spouses said thanks.