Preparing for Childbirth

The NYU Langone Medical Center Preparing for Childbirth Program includes:

Healthy Pregnancy

This two-hour class, taught by a certified childbirth educator, discusses the development of the fetus and common discomfort and relief measures. This class is most appropriate for women in their first trimester to early second trimester.

Prepared Childbirth

This course, consisting of weekly sessions based on the Lamaze Method, is designed to prepare parents for labor and delivery. The program covers: anatomy and physiology of labor and delivery; variations of labor and delivery; Cesarean birth; pain management options; what to expect during your stay at Tisch Hospital.  Films on actual labor and delivery experiences are included. The course will also cover your recovery and what to expect. The Infant Care session teaches you how to care for your baby. You will diaper and bathe a "baby" while learning to survive the first few weeks at home. To ensure class availability, please register by your 20th week. Class size is limited.

Cost: $300 per couple


Accelerated Prepared Childbirth

This two-session, twelve-hour weekend program is offered to couples who are unable to attend the weekly course. The same information is covered in two intensive sessions. Infant Care is also included. SPACE IS LIMITED. PLEASE REGISTER EARLY.

Cost: $300 per couple


Prepared Childbirth Review

This three-hour course, taught by a certified childbirth educator, is offered to couples who have completed the Prepared Childbirth course within the last three years. This refresher course reviews previously learned skills and information. It is not adequate for couples having their first baby.

Cost: $80 per couple


Cesarean Birth 

This two-hour class, taught by a certified childbirth educator, is offered to couples scheduled for Cesarean birth. It will familiarize you with Tisch Hospital’s policies on Cesarean births and the procedures that are followed both before and after delivery.

Cost: $100 per couple

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