About Parent Education



Our Commitment to You

Welcome to Parent Education at NYULMC!  This is a special time in your life and our classes help foster a supportive relationship between the medical team, hospital staff, educators and expectant parents.  Our mission is to provide individualized care to the child-bearing family that exemplifies the NYULMC Service Standards of excellence.  Our goal is to ensure that new families return home with confidence, knowledge and skill to care for themselves and their newborn.

Classes are a wonderful opportunity to connect with a supportive network of other expectant parents and to learn together what you can expect from your birth experience, hospital stay and once home. Our classes provide you with knowledge and confidence needed to make informed decisions and give birth.  They also prepare you for the first few weeks at home after the birth of your newborn.  Our classes are taught by NYULMC Registered Nurses who are certified childbirth instructors, lactation consultants and lactation counselors.  Keeping our infants and families safe is also very important to us.  Our certified American Heart Association CPR instructors can teach you infant, child and adult CPR and choking as well as child safety and first aid. 

We are here for you from the very beginning of your pregnancy and after you welcome your newest addition home. Once you have settled at home, we invite you to attend our weekly Breastfeeding Cafe and New Mother's Group. These informal gatherings are a wonderful way to meet new moms, ask questions and learn from our professional nurse educators.  We look forward to meeting you and helping to make your birth and parenting experience a memorable one!  

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